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      Welcome SongBei Explosion-proof Electric co.,Ltd.
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      • SongBei Explosion-proof Electric co.,Ltd.
      • Address:Weng Sanyang Industrial Zone, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province town
      • Tel:13587770134
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      Legal Notice

      North Pine proof Electric Co., file
                Songbei [2016] Section (002)
         Statement on the recent fake company, "Northern Song" brand
         North Pine proof Electric Co., Ltd. With the development of explosion-proof electrical industry and has grown through years of painstaking efforts, started its own "Northern Song" brand, Songbei brand explosion-proof electrical equipment, explosion-proof lighting and electrical fixtures and three defenses in the country occupy a larger market share.
        At the same time, it has appeared on the market a number such as "North Jiangsu Song", "on the pine north," and so on behalf of the Northern Song XX, the emergence of suspected counterfeit Songbei brand products, so that my company faced with counterfeit infringement danger, but also my company's normal business market suffered a great loss, for which I declare as follows:
      I registered the company name: Zhejiang-North-proof Electric Co., Ltd., is China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association explosion-proof electrical branch member unit, established in 2001, it is now a registered capital of five thousand yuan a whole, registered trademarks shown:
         Now the company address is: Yueqing City Weng Sanyang Industrial Park (Weng pier), contact details as follows: 0577-62816268,62812166 Our company is a professional manufacturer of explosion-proof electrical equipment, explosion-proof electrical lamps and three anti-lighting business, apart from others "North pine" brand outside nothing to do with my company, hereby declare!
         In addition, as the special nature of explosion-proof products, customers look for my brand, not to be "shoddy" on the market, or even completely non-certified product counterfeiting, the company will also increase the intensity and counterfeit wrongdoing fight in the end!
      Hereby declare!

                                        Zhejiang-North-proof Electric Co., Ltd.

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