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      Welcome SongBei Explosion-proof Electric co.,Ltd.
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      • SongBei Explosion-proof Electric co.,Ltd.
      • Address:Weng Sanyang Industrial Zone, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province town
      • Tel:13587770134
      • Fax:0577-62816258
      • Phone:13587770134
      • QQ:124819708
      • Email:2667452552@qq.com
      • Site:http://www.etaxwiz.com
      Joining services

      Partner Recruitment

      Refined products: technology available on the market, leading design and differentiated products specifically for products, continued to improve product competitiveness stores
       Excellent price: to provide a good regional market price maintenance mechanisms to ensure healthy competition, to achieve a win-win
       Strong promotion: to provide "2 + N" brand and product promotion support, to ensure the promotion of a strong brand influence and market share
       Qin Training: provide excellent training courses, complete knowledge of the security system and helping store operations
       Good operation: the terminal to operate efficiently provide excellent experience to share, to create a shared, common development
       - Service: a high standard of after-sales service system, providing 360-degree sincere service, boost sales, as customers worry-free


      Joining services

      1. must recognize "North Pine explosion" business philosophy, and are familiar with its marketing operation process.
      2. Determine the intention of the agent, you can apply to become our agent.
      3. The applicant or individual agent, must provide their business license, company profile (stamp) and personal identity card.
      4. The agent must accept the constitution and North Pine explosion proxy protocols, strict adherence to the Constitution and the agent agreement.

      Agents Conditions
      Become "Songbei explosion" partners must meet the following conditions:
      1. Can independently assume civil liability of individuals or units.
      2. independently in your area authorized users legitimate business sales activities.
      3. to have a fixed office space, a full-service personnel tracking service.
      4. full-time clerk can have the product knowledge and business know-proof operational capacity.
      5. Be able to have rich social resources and relationships and the economic base.
      6. Authorized area audited agreed that the two sides sign an agency agreement.

      Agent Policy
      ● enjoy the lowest price available to the agents and policies.
      ● Enjoy technical support.
      ● enjoy market protection and price protection in the region.

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